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Thread: 2015 R1200R - SHAD Top Box Mount w/ OEM Saddle Bag Mounts?

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    2015 R1200R - SHAD Top Box Mount w/ OEM Saddle Bag Mounts?

    I am looking to put a SHAD small top box and SHAD top box rack on my '15 R12R. My R12R does not have the OEM top box mount...just the two grab handles. Question is appears the SHAD top box mount for a R12R without the OEM top box mount, utilizes two plates which appear to mount in the two of the same mounting holes as the OEM saddle bag mounts with the stainless "pegs" (which attach to the upper mounting connections of the OEM saddle bags). It is difficult to tell from the SHAD instructions how they could, or could not interfere with the OEM "pegs". I have a feeling I am not being real clear here but, not sure how else to describe it! HELP!!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Took a look on SHAD-USA site and pics do not help as they do not show case mounts

    Maybe the pins go on outside of brackets?

    I'd give SHAD-USA a call
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    Yup! You saw what I saw, thus my confusion! I will see if I can reach them. I posted a question on the Revzilla web site about the issue but no response yet. Thanks and glad I am not the only one unsure of how it fits!

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