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Thread: Serious problem and need help finding solution

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    Serious problem and need help finding solution

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLVED! Thanks to all who responded!!!

    My dealership closed very recently and I have a bike exhibiting for following behaviors. I pulled the fuses under the seat and put them back in hoping to reset the problem.

    Engine Light is on
    Seems to be in Limp Mode, throttle unresponsive but higher than normal idle

    My thoughts: It may have something to do with the throttle or the throttle bodies. When I turned the bike off and let it sit a while, the engine light went off and stayed off until I moved the throttle. It seems like I heard a little noise coming from the right side throttle body, but I'm not sure.

    The bike worked perfectly when I rode it last week. Today I got on and it just seems to have gone bad all at once all by itself. My new nearest dealership is 130 miles away in Hilliard OH. I would ride it there no problem if it ran. Does anybody have an idea?

    edit: Made a video

    second edit: oil level is fine
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