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Thread: Bmw roadside assistance?

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    Bmw roadside assistance?

    I seem to remember bmw has free roadside assistance for 3 years 36k. Iím about ready to go on a trip and canít seem to find the number anywhere. By chance does anyone have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnyl26 View Post
    By chance does anyone have?

    The VIN is printed on my card so I'm guessing they will ask for it.
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    Google found a couple references:

    The telephone numbers differ, so call now to verify which is correct.

    If you carry a smart phone, download a copy of the Anonymous Book, just in case...
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    There's an app for that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by anglojaxon View Post
    Awesome. That’s what I was looking for. I tried google but was getting too many different results. Thank you

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