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Thread: 2003 k1200gt handbar risers suggestions

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    2003 k1200gt handbar risers suggestions

    Hi, Anyone with pictures of 2003 k1200gt handlebar risers that people found good?

    I checked out PiratesLair and a few others such s Suburban Machinery. Not seeing much for a 2003 k1200gt style that I have. Maybe since this is a used bike it already was changed. I am looking to bring it closer to me 4 inches. Looks like it already has a 3 inch extender.

    My current handle bars are in picture 1.
    Suburban Machinery suggestion picture 2. Unless I flip the parts upside-down and add to existing extender I am not gaining anything.
    Picture 3 is something that you can adjust up to 4 inches (100mm) but the starting point is on the base.
    HeliBars solutions don't seem to match my base. Maybe the 2003 is too old for parts.

    I could use some pictures of 2003 K1200GT models to compare with what I have.

    Thanks always for your advise and images.
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