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Thread: Headlight issues with a 2016 R1200RT

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    low beam bulb

    thanks to Jgoertz for the help it worked as you said it would

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    Oh I love my R1150R. One phillips screw removes the chrome ring, reflector and bulb. Unplug the connector. Take to work bench. Unclip the clips. Remove bulb. Reverse actions. Viola. Two minutes, no errors, max. Now our G310GS bikes replicate the little room, stupid design nightmares but that is another story.
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    2011 r1200rt Right Low Beam Bulb

    On my 2011 R1200RT my RIGHT LOW BEAM bulb went out. Left and Center(high beam) still worked. I successfully changed the right (low beam) bulb.
    Connected it to the wiring before inserting into housing and started bike to check that it worked before going through the pain of final installation. It illuminated as hoped. So, I installed the connected new bulb in right side housing. Screwed on cover. Then when I started the bike NONE of the three headlights or the two smaller front side lights worked. All turn and tail lights DO work. The "inop light" warning is on also. The bulb I installed was a 55W H7 top of the line Napa bulb. Like I said it worked when I connected the bulb to wiring but not once installed in housing. And the other headlights no longer work. Any ideas? I don't see this problem talked about before.

    Note: I have stopped the motor with the kill switch and re-started. I have disconnected the negative side of the battery and re-connected. Still no headlights.

    Thanks for any ideas all!

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    Look on the back of the headlight shell, between the high beam and right low beam covers. There you will find a six conductor plug that holds the wires for all your non-working bulbs. Hopefully, you've just knocked it loose.

    (Screen capture from Max BMW)

    I once managed to push the fixed shell portion inside and had to remove the headlight assembly completely to get the connector out and reattached.
    2006 R1200RT

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    I was able to replace the low beam bulb on my 14 RT from underneath one time. The second time I had to do it I couldn't get the wire clamp set, almost bloodying my fingers.
    I finally gave up, bought the service DVD, and removed the headlight assy to work on. With the DVD giving step by step directions it was relatively easy to remove and replace the assy. However, I wouldn't try it without the service DVD. Too hard to find everything without it. If you free-form it there's a good chance you'll bust a tab or miss/break something else. As far as I'm concerned the DVD is worth every penny and way better than previous BMW paper manuals I've used over the years. I do agree that making the bulb replacement so hard is somewhat lame.

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