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Thread: R60/2 Kick Starting Posture

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    R60/2 Kick Starting Posture

    What posture does one assume in operating the kick starter? I am thinking foot pointed towards the machine with my boot sole on the kick start lever pad? Machine on kickstand or center stand?

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    For sure on the center stand...I don't think the side stand is strong enough to take that kind of load. I stand on the left side of the bike facing it. I use the ball of my right foot to kick the bike. You didn't ask about the throttle, but when I first got my R69S, I had to hold the throttle open a small amount with my left hand, handlebars turned all they way to the right. Kinda awkward...but then I replaced the throttle tube with the internal "cruise" control and I can set the throttle where I want and then concentrate on kicking.

    The other way to consider kicking it is to stand on the pegs and use the heel of your left foot to kick the starter. Might be easier that way if there's a problem lifting the leg high enough when standing on the ground.
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    Kurt has got it down just right......YES crack that throttle a bit; but I just have the bars over towards me and I hold the throttle with the right hand...………..The Straddle, with the bike on the centerstand is used, for me, for FAST OVER AND OVER kicking it......Like a kick ever 2 or 3 seconds...…….lol…..Show off with the R50 with it on the centerstand and use the palm of my hand to just push down with my body weight and off it goes...…...

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    I got it started today. Got some new Bosch W4 plugs and put in some fresh 91 octane E0 fuel. After about 50 kicks, she came to life. Running a bit ratty at idle which is due to me fiddling with the mixture screws thinking they were carb drains. The slide synch is good enough to leave alone; I will play with the mixture screws next time.

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