Once again my local BMW dealer has let me down. A lost ground has rendered my sidecar brake lights inoperable. After trying for a few days to find the fault I finally gave up and called the Essex VT dealer. Spoke with the owner's son, Kam, who is a pretty decent man and if he ran the shop their reputation would be stellar. Arranged to have it dropped off Tuesday.

Got a call yesterday from the owner, Lord Farquaad, who told me he doesn't work on sidecar rigs. If he had stopped right there I could have accepted it. Small shop, limited space, hard time hanging onto good techs. But he went on to say there were complicated electronic components on the sidecar that controlled things like the brake lights. Once again he's trying to blow smoke. Those "complicated electronics" are called splices. This is the same guy who told me my warranty would be voided because I installed a Stebel horn, Skene P3 lights, and Clearwater Lights...all of which were "proven to have caused catastrophic CANBUS failures."

There's a reason I travel five hours each way to have Max BMW take care of my rides!