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Thread: Booze and a Motorcycle are a Good Mix

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    Booze and a Motorcycle are a Good Mix

    Missoula distillery owner's vodka-fueled motorcycle sets record at Bonneville

    Ryan Montgomery, owner and operator of Montgomery Distillery along with his wife Jenny, set a record at the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Trials on Sunday riding a motorcycle that runs on leftovers from the vodka distilling process.

    On Sunday, according to a post from the Montgomery Distillery Facebook page, Montgomery rode his motorcycle at 113 mph, well over the previous record of 97 mph in the modified, alternate fueled motorcycle class. The record is not yet official.

    A photo shows Montgomery pumping his fist as he rides the brightly painted motorcycle across the Salt Flats.

    Montgomery wrote: "We actually did it. Nothing official yet, but we blew out the old record with an average 113 mph.

    "We're walking on clouds!"

    The motorcycle Montgomery rode was a modified 1980 Yamaha XS650 that he restored and built himself, with help from Colin Cornberg of No. 8 Wire Motorcycles in Philipsburg.

    The bike, named "Sudden Wisdom," runs on Quicksilver Vodka "heads," leftovers with too many impurities to be drinkable.

    The Missoulian talked with Montgomery before he left for Bonneville, and the amateur motorcycle racer said he didn't really know how fast he could go on the bike, because there was no attached speedometer, to reduce weight and mental pressure.

    The Bonneville Speed Trials website has yet to update 2018 record results.

    Montgomery could not be reached by phone Monday.
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    Evel Knievel would be proud and approve, even though Montgomery is from Missoula instead of Butte.

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