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Thread: Which Canadian Weather Radar Apps are Y'all Using

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    Which Canadian Weather Radar Apps are Y'all Using

    Which Canadian weather Apps for your phone are u using when you tour. I've tried a few shortly but I either didnít like or didnít delve deep enough into to see if they were what I would like to use.

    I'm using First Alert in the States. It's Fine. Really it is Excellent for what information I need.


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    Not sure that being country specific is a concern, but I have both Raindar and Weather Underground on my Android phone. Raindar seems to be tied to Weather Under Ground. I don't think Raindar is available for the iPhone.
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    In Canada I primarily use the Hi-Def Radar and RadarScope Apps on my iPhone. Nice to be able to see the difference between rain, snow and hail/ice.

    For general weather I use the WeatherNetwork, Storm and WeatherBug Apps.
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    Give MyRadar a try - very happy with that app. think i paid a couple of bucks to get rid of ads
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