2003 K1200GT bike here. "What color wire am I looking for" is the question.

FYI from earlier suggestion, I have a fuse block currently connected directly to the battery. Ok for testing but I prefer to get the hot wire from one that is only ON with the ignition. I plan on connecting Garmin gps, a dash camera, and iPhone using USB connections. The Amp on any of these is 1-2 amp, so my fuse block has a 3amp fuse related to each device. I don't expect to need a 15 amp or greater line.

One reference suggested I use the parking lights in the front. This is doable but I was hoping to use a wire under the seat where my fuses are located. I wanted a clean ignition-On wire that doesn't go thru the existing fuse box, if possible. Before I cut into the harness and start poking each wire to find a hot one, any tips?

Much appreciated. John