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Thread: Nav VI and Cardo Packtalk

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    Nav VI and Cardo Packtalk

    So, I bought a Nav VI with my new R1200 GSA (with TFT display). I do not have my phone or Packtalk connected to the TFT because it will not transmit Nav voice to the helmet.

    I've figured out how to get the Nav to give voice directions through the Packtalk.

    I have my phone connected as mobile phone 1 to the Packtalk.
    I have the Nav connected as GPS which occupies connection 2 on the Packtalk.

    This allows me to do everything I want with the Packtalk.

    But, here's the problem. The Nav voice is like 20X or more louder than the radio or phone. It's to the point (I use in-ear noise cancelling headphones) that it will actually damage my hearing if I keep it this way.

    My Packtalk is a Packtalk Bold, one of the newest models.

    I have the Cardo Connect and Smartset apps from Cardo on my iphone. The Packtalk Bold has the uptodate firmware. The Smartset app will not connect to it. The Cardo Connect app will. A friend with a similar set up said that you could set the volume of various inputs using the app. I cannot find a way to do that.

    I cannot change the Nav volume on the Nav because it says "A bluetooth device is connected, adjust volume on that device."

    I cannot use the voice feature of the Nav if I cannot solve this problem. Any tips or input?

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    You might try this ... from the main/home page on the Nav VI:
    1) select volume
    2) select the wrench symbol
    3) select audio mixer
    4) Slide the Navigation volume to the left

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    Fastman has the solution.

    If the Nav VI is not paired to the bike or helmet it will display volume controls. If you set them to reasonable values (mine was at 60 and 15 works for me) the volume value will control the volume the Nav sends to your headset even though those controls are not accessible when paired.

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