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Thread: Garmin Zumo 396 / BaseCamp Route plotting Issue

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    Garmin Zumo 396 / BaseCamp Route plotting Issue

    So, I have my Garmin Zumo 396 set to "motorcycle" & "adventure" (supposed to promote off-highway riding), and I plot routes on Garmin's BaseCamp that specifically avoid highways. I download these routes to the Zumo, and all it wants to do is send me on the quickest route via highways! I contacted Garmin's support people via an online chat and was told that there is no way to work around this issue. The Zumo takes you on the route that it wants, rather than the route I plotted in BaseCamp. This makes zero sense to me. Anyone have better info on fixing this than the Garmin chat guy?

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    Use more via points, and shaping points, when you construct the route in Basecamp, so it forces the GPS to follow the originally planned route. Also, set the routing preferences on the GPS to match, as much as possible, the routing preferences set in Basecamp.
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    The key is to learn and use more "via points". There's tons of tutorials on youtube and pdf. Here's a link to another discussion on this forum that should prove useful.
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    Via points

    I'll check out using via points, thanks.

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