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Thread: Transmissions with reverse

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    Transmissions with reverse

    Does anyone out there know if BMW ever made a trans with a reverse gear that would mount to a R75/5 engine. If they did, I could really use one.
    Thanks Stewfish

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    So far as I can recall, only the R75M (the bike built for WWII) had a reverse gear.

    The R75M transmission might bolt up to your /5 motor, but I doubt if the clutch will interface correctly. On the other end, the R75M had a "hard tail" suspension (eg, no swingarm), and used a Hardy Disk as a driveline cushion. This will certainly not connect easily to a /5 swingarm/driveshaft.

    Also, a working R75M transmission is very expensive to come by.
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    There were some transmissions modified with a reverse gear in Germany for use with a sidecar taht should fit your 75/5. I'd have to do some more digging to find the fabricator, but I do remember they were stupid expensive.

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