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Thread: Helite turtleback vest - extend Velcro?

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    Helite turtleback vest - extend Velcro?

    Looking to get Helite vest. Based on the sizing chart, the XL+ (XLL) will almost certainly fit me without a jacket on but maybe not with a jacket on. Nearest dealer is over 5.5 hours away so there's not much of an opt-in for my to try before buying.

    I'd say that Helite thinks I already have enough passing but their air bag jackets go up a size or two larger than the v turtle vest.

    Can someone who has one take a look and see if adding an inch or two to the Velcro straps to get more girth mess up the frontal coverage?


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    So... I had an email exchange (including my dimensions) with support at and the rep said the xll should fit and offered to take my order. I told him I'd order from revzilla so I could get free shipping - I didn't tell him but I was also planning on using the resulting zilla cash to get a spare co2 cylinder - and he said he'd give me free shipping and throw in a spare cylinder so I went ahead and ordered from him.

    I'd took a bit longer for the vest to be delivered since it had to cross the country from ca to nc instead of revzila's warehouses on the east coast but no crashes weekend waiting so no big deal. The xll does fit me but is a bit large on my sister so we'll order an xl for her. Hopefully, these will be a waste of money.

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    You hit the nail on the head
    WE ALL HOPE ITS A WASTE OF MONEY, kinda like parachutes in a airplane


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