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Thread: tank bag recommendations for Bagger

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    tank bag recommendations for Bagger

    I'm seriously thinking of buying a very lightly used 2017 K1600B. love the ride and feel of the bike, but have always had a tankbag on previous RT's I've owned. Has anyone with a Bagger fitted a tankbag on the bike? What works?
    thanks for your help.
    Steve W
    Holland, MI

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    K1600 Tank bag

    I just bought a BMW Tank bag designed for the K1600GT for my Bagger.
    Fits perfectly, clean install, no issues with the cross bar on the tubular bars.
    I previously used a Wolfman Ranier that fit well but looked like hell (10 yrs old).
    The owner of the BMW bag I bought said it wouldn't fit the K1600GTL.
    The BMW bag looks much better and is waterproof.
    Hope this helps.

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    RKA offers a selection of tank bags and sidecase liners for the K1600B. Richard and Kathy are avid riders and have a long history of excellent support to the riding community. Their products can be seen at this link.

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    Thanks for the info
    looks like I have 2 good choices

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