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Thread: Bull It Jeans Review

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    Bull It Jeans Review

    After wrecking my GTL this spring, and consequently my cheap Competition Accessories Kevlar jeans, I was due a protective gear shopping spree. My discount double check with State Farm paid off. They sprung for new jeans and a new helmet. After hours and hours of internet shopping, I settled on SP 120 Lite, Heritage, Easy Fit Jeans from Bull-It. I thought i'd write a review for anyone considering these jeans.

    First Impressions:
    -What kind of hipster crap did I buy?
    -Did they send me skinny jeans?
    -What kind of material is this?
    -I am glad I bought from Revzilla, because they have easy return policies.

    Upon further inspection:
    -The jeans have a nice dark indigo finish. They are very dark. The stitching and rivets are fine (pretty standard for any jeans). I wish they'd left the rivets off. They are rubberized, but don't play well with paint. The back pockets are lower than normal jeans. Front pockets and watch pockets are standard. I don't know if I like they way the look, but my wife does. She does not hesitate to make fun of me when I buy something that is unfashionable.

    -The jeans initially feel like they fit tight in the thighs and calves. For comparisons sake, I have muscular legs and wear relaxed fit in Gap brand jeans. The fabric is called Covec and is kind of stretchy. After wearing the jeans, they are snug, but not tight. The Covec fabric has a lot of give. The jeans have pockets for armor, but I just wear Bohn Armor pants underneath. I can't comment of the placement of the armor pockets. The material feels lighter and is cooler than regular denim. They feel a lot lighter and cooler than the Kevlar jeans I had before. I've put 1000 miles on the jeans in high humidity, Indiana, August temps. They are as comfortable as any pants I've worn.
    -The jeans are a mid-rise. They actually feel a little long in the rise and are feel kind of droopy in the crotch area.
    -In standard jeans, I wear about a 35 waist. A 34 is usually too tight, so I wear 36 in most brands. I read a lot of conflicting info on sizing on Bull-It jeans. It seemed that most reviews said the jeans fit a bit large in the waist. So, I went with a 34 and they fit slightly loose. If you buy a pair you can definitely buy one size smaller than you normally wear.
    -I wear a 32 length in all jeans. These fit like a 34 length even when sitting on the bike. They fit tight over touring boots but with the stretch it is no problem to fit them over any boots. I'd buy a 30 inch inseam if I bought another pair.

    I don't know if the "Covec" Material would hold up in the event of a slide. I have read Bull-it's website regarding Covec's crash performance. With any luck, I wont have a chance to ever tell you. If the armor pockets locate the armor at the right height, the snugness of the jeans would hold the armor in place well. The jeans worn over my Bohn Armor (summer weight) should cover impacts and slides.

    I would definitely buy the jeans again. Combined with the price of the Bohn Armor pants, this is not an economical option for protection. I could buy mesh pants or most other riding pants for a similar price. But, I am satisfied with this set up for now.
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    Thanks for a really comprehensive list of pros and cons, been shopping for a pair of riding jeans myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coachz View Post
    Thanks for a really comprehensive list of pros and cons, been shopping for a pair of riding jeans myself.
    I kind of got carried away!

    I went from being really skeptical of these jeans to really loving them. I am happy to promote them and was unable to find any reviews that covered what I wanted to know.

    Probably a smarter option would have been a decent pair of mesh riding pants. But I am partial to jeans. I am also satisfied that my set-up covers my own personal ATAGATT requirement well.

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