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Thread: 1967 r69s Back in the family after 35 years

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    1967 r69s Back in the family after 35 years

    Hi everyone, pretty excited to share this story.
    My dad has owned several BMW motorcycles over the years and currently still owns a few. He has also been an MOA member for over 40 years, and recently attended his 40th in a row International rally. He had acquired this motorcycle back in the early 1980's but sold it off shortly after in order to buy me my first dirt bike, a Yamaha PW50. I rode that PW50 thousands of times before it was stolen out of our garage. The gentleman who he sold it to back in 1983 recently contacted him about the motorcycle and was wondering if my dad could help him figure out what to do with it. He is now 84 and has come to the realization that he can no longer ride the bike. He has ridden the bike every year since he purchased it from my father and maintained it really well. He has even made some custom tools in order to work on the motorcycle more easily. My dad helped him out over several weeks with various questions and what not. He hadn't even had the thought of selling the bike off until my dad had mentioned how I had been looking for one over the last few years. He jokingly said that he would love to buy the bike for me one time while leaving, thinking nothing of it. I guess he figured that offering the bike to a good home where a few already reside and with someone passionate enough to maintain the machine and respect it's heritage.
    I own a few classic cars that I keep as close to factory specs as possible. I'm really looking forward to keeping this beauty alive and well.
    My pops and I plan on taking his 67 r69s and my 67 r69s to the rally next year in Tennessee. This year was his 40th rally in a row. We have been to several together over the years but we've never had the joy of riding to the rally on separate bikes.
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    Great story. After the ride it will make a good article for the Owner’s News.
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    Welcome to the world of Vintage! Quite the view of two '67s going down the road!
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    That's awesome! Looks like the bike was well cared for.
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    What fun memories to share with your Dad...congrats!
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