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I need help choosing the right seat for comfort, My wife complains about the 2016 K1600gt cutting off circulation ... need a comfortable alternative any ideas??
I am hoping by the time you read this you have figured out which seat you will purchase.
I have to HIGHLY recommend the Russell Day-Long seat. If you enjoy touring, it will perhaps
be the best item for your BMW that you will ever purchase. The only drawback (if you want to
call it that), is that you must send in your seat, and the Russell seat is a rebuild of your current seat.
This means that you will be without a seat, unless you purchased a second, for 2-3 weeks. Once your seat arrives
you will forget all about that time. And amazingly well ergonomically fitted seat using your weight and body dimensions
to custom manufacture the seat in whichever color(s) you choose. They are an easy to work with group. Any questions
receive a rapid response. Best investment you will make toward riding comfort for your BMW