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Thread: 2013 F800GT top case options...let's see what you have!

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    2013 F800GT top case options...let's see what you have!

    My Mrs is the proud owner of a 2013 FGT. She's coming from a Suzuki Boulevard and absolutely loves her new bike!

    The bike came with the BMW side cases and now we're looking at options for a top case. One that will hold a modular helmet and a few other small odds and ends is what she's looking for.

    I'd appreciate any photos of your FGT with top cases attached as well as any advice or information you could share.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have a Givi E460N. You'll find some Chinese knockoffs at places like JC Whitney. Bestem used to make the 929 which was identical. They still offer some accessories like a fully padded liner and some lighting, if you want.

    My next suggestion if I was to replace mine, is to look at the Givi E450. It is attractive. Holds two helmets, I think. I like the rounded style of it.

    I had a Givi 47 liter top case and didn't like it at all. The front was higher than the rear. Maybe some marketing person thought it looked great. It meant though that the front where the air hits was higher than the rear and it just didn't seem as aerodynamic to me. Also, I want one that has a similar height on the inside from front to rear. It's capable of holding more. You'll find a lot of people suggesting the bigger and heavier top boxes are better. Not really, IMHO. You have a limit of how much weight you want back there where it is up high and behind the rear axle. Even the lighter Chinese knock-offs are plenty strong enough for whatever you'll want to carry. I had a different Bestem top box on a scooter that I used to fill with things like Costco's bird seed. The top box never failed in 70,000 miles.

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    I have the factory 28 litre one. It won't hold a helmet, but the sidecase will (right side).

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