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Thread: R1200RS Wunderlich Windscreen

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    R1200RS Wunderlich Windscreen

    Has anyone tried the Wunderlich Touring Windscreen for an R1200RS?

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    RS windscreens preference really depend on primary riding style. Sport, sport with some touring or some sport with lots of Touring, where sport is a minimalist screen and heavy touring demands better wind and rain protection.

    I tend to the later. I got a Calsci which is wider (not higher) to keep more rain off my body. Since I got that, Aeroflow has new offering which also look very good to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanmiller View Post
    Has anyone tried the Wunderlich Touring Windscreen for an R1200RS?
    It is a quiet screen in the up position for me. I am 5'9", sitting on a Sargent seat and wear either a Neotec or Shoei Air. Here in Texas I ride with it in the down position. Touring, rain or cold weather I ride with it in the up position.

    It is stupid money but well made and has been very scratch resistant. The Aeroflow was not out at the time or I would have tried their screen first. I've had a few of their screens in the past and they are super quiet.

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    Wow. Thanks for the responses. Iíve taken a look at the Aeroflow website. The stock windscreen isnít really that bad. Iíve had my RS for three weeks and just did the run in oil and final drive oil change. I want to be sure that Iím looking over the windscreen so Iíll have to decide probably between the Aeroflow tall or medium. Thanks again for the input!

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    Aeroflow Touring Screen, Size Medium on a 2018 R1200RS

    /Users/lauramiller/Library/Containers/ Downloads/F9472032-E904-4E2F-810E-22643978A889/IMG_0191.jpg

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    Aeroflow Touring Screen, Size Medium on a 2018 R1200RS


    Based upon advice I received on this forum and a very informative discussion with Paige, at Aeroflow, I installed an Aeroflow touring, size medium on my 2018, R1200RS. I really didn't mind the stock screen, I put 1,400 miles on it, but the Aeroflow allows me to ride at 80 mph and still be able to hear my Sena system clearly. I'm 5' 8", with a 32 inch inseam. I can just see over the medium in the raised position. The screen looks a little but big, but it really does the job to quiet down my ride.



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