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Thread: R60/2 Turn Signal Switch

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    R60/2 Turn Signal Switch

    I appear to have a fault in my handle bar switch for the turn signals. Left position works fine, the turn signal flashes as it should. Right position is intermittent. The signal will come on, flash a couple times, then quit, going dark. Can this switch be disassembled to clean the contacts? The machine is a '67 model with the rotary switch with push button in the center.

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    Yes, I've taken mine's been a while and I didn't take any pictures. It's fiddly and quite easy to lose the small bits. Might want to work over a large towel or in a plastic bag just in case. As I recall, the wires were somewhat stiff having been in that position for a long time.

    I was able to find a little bit on an early /5 switch which probably has common elements. It's near the bottom of this page:
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    Thanks, Kurt. At least I can disassemble a bit for an inspection, then decide how to proceed.

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