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Thread: 2006 r1200rt satisfied?

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    2006 r1200rt satisfied?

    Since I new to this, can anyone share their thoughts on a 2006 r1200 rt? I can buy one in relatively good condition for 5200.00. it has 60,000miles.

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    The 2006 had the whizzy brakes (power assisted ABS) which is expensive to repair if it goes out. At 60,000 miles, I would check the u-joints on the drive shaft. Any RT 2007+ would be a better option.
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    Bought mine used at 17,000 miles. Wanted a boxer forever but budget did not permit. When it did, I not buy new for fear that the RT would not be as great as my dreams and I did not want take the depreciation hit. It has very good handling, ample power, good gas mileage and range, excellent weather protection. The stock seat is good for 200 miles before I start crying, but there are several aftermarket options. Actually, the problem is it's better than I imagined, so now I cannot justify buying a new model. Maybe my imagination is still deficient; I'll reconsider when the R1250RT comes out. Or not, I'm still pretty happy with what I have.

    The "whizzy" brakes are basically power brakes, which I like. Hard, controlled braking can be achieved with one or two fingers, with the rear brake being linked to the front lever. The downside is that repairs to this ABS system are potentially very expensive ($2-3K through a dealer), though some companies can now make modulator repairs for less. I've had no problems, but if I were to do it over, I might look a little harder for a 2007 or newer model with the simpler ABS system.

    Hopefully, at 60,000 miles, the shocks have been replaced at least once. $5200 is probably a fair price, but if you want a bargaining point, mentioning worn shocks might work to save a couple hundred bucks. Not nearly enough for new shocks, but every little bit helps.
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    Hope the bike works out for you. I always had metric cruisers but a couple years ago decided I wanted something different that would be better for long distance touring and wasn't ready for a goldwing. I always loved the look of BMW sport tourers and decided the time was right to buy one. I bought an '05, which has the whizzy brakes as well. Like lkraus I like the whizzy brakes, although it is a PITA to bleed the brakes. Bleeding the brakes is a convoluted process and you need a GS-911 to do it. It is pricey to fix the whizzy brakes if the module goes, but if it has been maintained shouldn't be an issue. If the brake fluid has been replaced regularly you should be fine. I would ask lots of questions about maintenance and ask to see any service records. I originally thought I would lay keep it a few years until my youngest finishes university (1 year to go!) and then buy myself a new bike, but it is so reliable and so much fun there is no way I will be able to part ways with it. Good luck
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    I have an 05 I bleed the brakes myself. I follow the instructions found right on this forum in the tech section. I have never found a need for the GS911. What do you use it for?

    I love my 05

    I also have two airheads. I love my 1975 R60/6 but only like the 1984 R80RT. Of the 3 if I could only have one it would be the R1200RT.


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