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Thread: R1100R Brake Issues-Newcomer seeks wisdom

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    R1100R Brake Issues-Newcomer seeks wisdom

    Purchased a '98 R1100R, 46K miles on the odometer. It came with a leaking front brake master cylinder. Previous owner had installed a rebuild kit but never got the leak sorted.

    Got it home, ordered another rebuild kit. Doing research find out master cylinders on this model are a known problem. New ones are pricey if available. What to do?

    Found someone to sleeve it. Sent it off, along with rebuild kit. Get it back, nicely painted with rebuild kit installed.

    I cannot get it to bleed. Or build any pressure at the brake lever. Using a Mityvac to bleed by vacuum. For the longest time got nothing but air. Now some fluid but lots of air bubbles. This goes on and on (1/2 small bottle of brake fluid used) with no end in sight and still no increase in pressure at the brake lever. Do I need more patience or is there something really simple I've overlooked? I thought I knew how to bleed brakes but it's been awhile. Anyone experienced this problem? One positive, it does not leak.


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    Sometimes pushing fluid up from bleeders to resevoir with a syringe set up will get you going. Others have tied lever in engaged position overnight to allow bubbles to work way up to resevoir
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