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Thread: R90/6 wind shield

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    R90/6 wind shield

    I removed the fairing on my R90 but would like to install a small wind shield that would look good also with out going to the S model fairing.
    Any suggestions whoud be appreciated. The naked bike is nice but would like a little more wind protection as the weather turns cooler.

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    I have a '74 R90/6. I've pretty much ran every type/style of handle bar windshield they make. Had some success with all of them. They all seem to have deficits. Most didn't really fit right or look good on the bike. The best windshield was the BMW oem windshield set for standard Airheads, starting in '74.
    Discontinued, but find a used one. Best windshield for this bike.

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    National Plexi-Fairing III

    Lee A. Dickinson - Danielsville, GA USA
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    There is a Windshield and Fairing section in the link in my signature line.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beemerphile View Post
    National Plexi-Fairing III
    Great shield!

    Effective weather protection without buffeting.
    Mounts are easily adjusted for angle/height
    Pops on or off in about 30 seconds without tools for hot weather or cleaning

    Used one for for two years on my CB400T, then trimmed it to fit my Yamaha 650 Seca (my "Japanese BMW"). Looked like new after 28 years.

    When I bought my '06 RT, I was pleased to see that National Cycle made the shield for BMW.
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    I use a "Memphis Shades" Hellcat. Look 'em up on Dennis Kirk.
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    I like National Cycle "Deflector" shields
    BMW R bike rider, horizontally opposed to everything...

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    I am also a fan of the National Cycle Deflector. Tinted one looks great on a bike.

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