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Thread: Where to advertise an old K-bike.

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    Thanks. I will take ride down there and see him.
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    Trying to sell a K

    I feel your pain. Had mine on Craigs list for two months and got two responses. Both came and rode but didn't buy. Both claimed not enough power (pop). It was obvious that they had no experience with K's which are long legged and built to go distance. l have taken my K 75 RT off the market and plan on only riding it distances. It is too pristine to give away only 25,000 miles and recently fully serviced including splines. Recently just too hot to go far. My alternative is a 500cc Enfield for the short hops and pure enjoyment. Purchased that one new and have ridden over 16,000 miles without incident. Now for the help part -- On the second Sunday of each month between the hours of two and four there is a vintage meet in Huntington Beach. On Brookhurst just beyond Garfield at "Castaneda's Mexican Restaurant "--The usual attendance if over one hundred vintage and modern bikes. Everyone is welcome and there is no charge. I have traded some bikes there. Might be an opportunity for you to attend, this Sunday. I will be there on my K. -----( www.Vintage Bike ) check it out. Hope to meet you there, Scotty Brown (Scotsman) (Whizzkd@cox,net)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanker4me View Post
    Craigslist has worked well for me, for both buying and selling bikes and parts.
    I do not commute on a bike,(you want horror stories, see LA traffic) but ride about 15-20 thousand miles a year, mostly in California.
    It seems to me that the early Kbikes are probably hibernating in the garage. (I do not see many out and about)
    Most people probably don't know anything about them, so put some thought into your ad, make it pop compared to the other ads.*

    This showed up at an AirHead tech day in San Diego last month.
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    Got to ride a K75S & a K1100RS a couple thousand miles, and enjoyed them both.
    Just South of Torrance
    * I'm an AirHead that couldn't sell water in the desert.
    I've been thinking of doing something like this bike to one of my K1200LT's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by saddleman View Post
    I've been thinking of doing something like this bike to one of my K1200LT's.
    Harder to do with the newer bikes that have the plastic gas tanks hidden under the tupperware. If you remove the tupperware, everything that is left exposed (plastic fuel tank, electronic modules, wireing, etc.) looks like hell. Not really the cafe look you're after.

    K11s and earlier work better for a cafe project.


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