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Thread: G310 Rear Hub with Worn Rubber Dampers

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    G310 Rear Hub with Worn Rubber Dampers

    I have about 7,000 miles on my G310GS. When on the center stand to lube the chain, I noticed "play" between the drive sprocket assembly and the rear wheel.
    Showed to the Daytona dealer who said they would order new rubber bumpers. Have since found out from several sources that the dampers are "not available". Max BMW advised that there are several thousand on hold in Germany??!!
    Daytona has since confirmed the hold on the part. I suspect a production issue with the dampers. In the interim, with advice from the G310 forum, I cut and epoxied inner tube strips to the damper edges to take up the play.
    Working so far but I doubt the fix will last long. Several others on the forum also have had the same issue.

    Any others with the issue?

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    Have two KTM thumpers with the generic dampers, both over 14K. Have replaced a few tires, sprockets and chains on both and the dampers are still tight. You can wiggle the rear sprocket a tad, but that is part of why the damper is there. Watch most bikes with dampers when they are kicked into gear and most will rock some.

    Hopefully a mfg issue that will be sorted. 7K is way before I would suspect a failure unless it has been wheelied from clutch launch since new. I learned that on a Honda 90 and CB350 regularly many years ago
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    I would have to really know how worn is worn. They are essentially a cushion drive part and I think you could really ride them until there is nothing left if they were all wearing the same and staying a uniform size.
    I'm with Steve, there is play....just how much? I think if I was stuck and lost one, I could cut a hockey puck to fill the void in a pinch.
    I have them in the F-800GS and would like to hear more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    ...and I think you could really ride them until there is nothing left...
    The issue is drive line snatch when the sprocket has free play before it is snubbed by the cush drive rubbers.

    Can do a number on the chain, sprockets and, in worst case, countershaft bearing/seal.

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