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Thread: Audio and GPS directions into the helmet

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    Audio and GPS directions into the helmet

    I've been looking at bluetooth communicators and see that they go from basic to advanced. I'm riding a R1200RT and would like to bluetooth the stereo and the GPS into my helmet. I ride solo so no need for comm with a passenger, and I don't want to answer phone calls while underway. I have more than one helmet so I'd like to find a solution that doesn't require purchasing several units.

    I've spotted a product from Bose that I can use independent of what helmet I'm wearing, and would be able to use with my mobile phone when not riding. I don't know if they will work when putting on the helmet, so I'm wondering if anyone has tried them. Here's a link to the Bose haedphones.

    If anyone has already been down this road, I'm all ears.
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    Don't expect quality sounds from the bluetooth on the RT. BMW in all their wisdom used BT 2, which leaves the audio you get less than ideal. Many folks have wired a better transmitter to the speakers. This gives you the advantage of volume control with the wonder wheel. I still use the speakers, but the bluetooth from the NAV is good for directions.

    We use the Cardo Packtalk, which is a nice set up, can't comment on the Bose unit. Another bluetooth unit that I like is the Bluewave Get -
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