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If you are experiencing twitchy on the Michelins the Pirelli Angel GT takes twitchy to a whole new level! I had 22K miles on the bike before installing Angel GT and geez it was a good 500miles before I acclimated to those tires, coming from PR4GT. That twitchiness translated to poor ability to hold lines in curves compared to the PR4GT which was decent in those terms. The Angle GT also wore in 4 discrete planes of wear I I think if anything holding lines got worse as the tire wore. Turn-in was too easy as it were. Here are the Angel GT w/ about 6500m on them:


Here are the Conti RA3's after about 5K miles which show a more uniform curvature--can't seem to rotate the photo:

Interesting! Your experience with the Angel GT mirrors mine! Although you're much more scientific about it than I am. Twitchy at first, loved the way they handled after about 500 miles, noticed serious "chicken strips" at about 5,500 miles. The Angel GTs handle great in the rain, but I think I'll try something different next time.