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What I'm trying to get across is that the RT will change directions when I merely look away from a straight line, more a function of the rider input on a short wheelbase, not the tire. My comment was poorly worded. I said it because with the Michelins the "wander" was more like falling quickly away from straight, thus my calling them "twitchy", whereas the Continentals aren't as prone to it. They turn great when I want them to, but are less susceptible to tiny inputs that weren't meant to turn the bike off course. They do indeed hold a line quite well. I'm very happy with them so far, if they last the distance as well as they handle, I suspect I'm through shopping around for better tires.
I never found the PR4GT's to be twitchy but Angle GTs I tried took me a full 300 miles or more to adjust to. Way oversensitive as far as turn-in goes for RTW. I feel the RA3's are absolute perfection for handling for RTW. Not sure how long they'll go it's too early to tell at 6,000m, but they have quite a bit of meat on them now and have retained profile very well w/ minimal center flattening so far, and handling at 6K miles I believe is unchanged from brand new. I went from Angle GT to RA3, so initially the RA3's felt understandably sluggish for turn-in. That resolved quickly and since they've been as I say perfect.