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Thread: Cost and difficulty to raise factory lowered G650GS?

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    Cost and difficulty to raise factory lowered G650GS?

    My wife bought a used, factory-lowered 2015 G650GS with only 800 miles to use as a learner bike.

    She is done with it (only an additional 400 miles), and I may want to keep it as a second bike for myself.

    However, the lowered position is too low for me to ride comfortably.

    Searching around tells me that I would need to replace rear shock, front fork springs and damper tube, and the side stand.

    I'm not an experienced mechanic but can follow directions.

    So, the questions is: Should I raise the lowered GS? If so, can an inexperienced owner DIY or should a shop do it? Or, should I trade-in/sell the bike and buy something set up for my size?

    FYI, my prime bike is a 2016 1200RT and it fits me nicely...

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    When you say "However, the lowered position is too low for me to ride comfortably." what do you exactly mean? Having the suspension not up to snuff is much different than poor ergonomics.
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