So - Help Needed
Looking for a placed to park PU & trailer (Kendon) in the Billings or Bozeman areas - say a week of so
Coming in from the east coast - to do Northern Rockies - Glacier, Yellowstone(if its open), Tetons & everything in between

"Must do" suggestions welcomed - we have 3 weeks total, (including 4 days to & 4 return)
May make are way back toward Col. Springs - if time allows - Plan starts 9/4/18

So anyone have a location that would set us up to leave truck&trailer for a week - security is pretty high - 'cause we lose our stuff 2500 miles from home, dat would suck!!!

We did the south last year - in May - Col. Spring , Million Dollar,Monument Val.,Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, and back 50 to the Springs +/- 1800 miles was like a dream come true

Hope to do it again in your back yard - Thanks for any and all input MJ
PM me please