Have no argument on laws of physics, just like electrical theories and laws I am more used to.

Sure it is always part of the equation, my point was most folks on street motorcycles will not feel effects until they hit the magic number.At slower speeds I can turn with body movement, so CS is being applied in some form. At higher speeds and tighter turning radius at speed, you just feel the effects more.

When I do a 180, My bars are cranked back in direction of travel and I am leaning back into the turn following my line of sight. If countersteering is there, then it's there and I really don't care.

I have been riding bicycles pretty much since I was about 5, so everything is so automatic I never give it much thought. I get that CS is part of the action of steering and can roll at a very slow speed, no doubt Mr Newton is there. Once again, it really applies at higher speeds when you need to be in the game.

Other than that, I just ride ,and by doing that, practice my on and off road skills on all forms of bikes and not overthink the laws involved.
Tring to convince anyone about anything, like certian cruiser owners denying CS, is just a use of my time I would rather use enjoying life.BTDT and have a bunch of t-shirts