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Thread: Thought you folks might like this one!!

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    Thought you folks might like this one!!

    There was a man named Cletus that lived in a small town with only one traffic light. Cletus had saved up his money and bought a mo-ped. One day Cletus was at the light waiting for it to turn green when a shiny new Corvette convertible pulled up next to him. Cletus had never seen anything like this in his life.

    The Corvette had its top down so Cletus leans over the side of the car and starts checking out the interior. This annoys the driver of the vette so when the light turns green he steps on the gas, laying down rubber as he leaves the intersection. He gets up to 60mph when suddenly Cletus flies by him on his mo-ped. The driver of the vette says to himself "This clown wants to race". Shifting into 4th gear he steps on the gas again. He leaves Cletus in his dust as he gets up to 100mph. Then out of nowhere he sees Cletus coming up fast in his rear view mirror. He can't believe it as Cletus flies by him again on his mo-ped. The driver of the vette shifts into 6th gear and floors it. He passes Cletus and gets up to 150mph!

    Once again, Cletus passes him like he's standing still. Shocked, the driver of the vette pulls over to the side of the road. He hears gravel flying and brakes squalling as Cletus pulls up next to him.

    The driver of the vette congratulates Cletus on winning the race and asks him what kind of an engine he has in his mo-ped. Puzzled Cletus replied "Race? I was just trying to get my suspenders off of your side-view mirror."
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    Should have been in "I'm ready for more jokes." but since breaking the rules here is verbotten and farfrumgruvin, I still got a good giggle.

    What else you got?

    True Story: I just came back from some training on some really interesting stuff. Really, it was interesting, Telematics and Big Brother in the cab of machines.
    We were sitting at supper last night and chatting about the places we travel and the worst places we have traveled. I mentioned that I have been to Elliot Lake too many times and one more time will be one more time too much.
    One guy pipes up and says, "Only hockey players and strippers come from Elliot Lake."
    The woman Rep from a very reputable company says, "I'm from Elliot Lake."
    Without missing a beat I asked her, "Which hockey team did you play for?"
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