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Thread: '85 k100 shifting problems after engine braking

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    '85 k100 shifting problems after engine braking

    Hi-new to this forum, but have been searching for a while for answers on this issue-

    The only mention of this I've found (perhaps I'm not searching the right term) is discussed at length here, but with no real conclusion or cause to attribute it to:

    The basic problem is this: at speed if I let off the throttle to engine brake (e.g. coming into a traffic circle), then pull the clutch, the bike will not shift even with the clutch pulled in, unless I rev match the engine with the bike's speed- then I can shift. If I pull the clutch before/simultaneously with letting off the throttle and don't engine brake at all, I can do all of the shifting that I want. Also, if I come to a near stop after this problem occurs (with the clutch in), even though the revs on the bike come down slowly as if still connected with the drivetrain somehow, once moving very slowly I can shift again (so it doesn't stall, so that's good at least!)

    there is next to no clutch drag-if I've got it on the center stand and in gear, with the clutch in, the wheel doesn't turn.

    So my question is: what am I missing with my understanding of the clutch operation where the engine and drivetrain are still connected with the clutch pulled?

    I've gotten fairly accustomed to this problem/riding with it, but is there anything that can be done here? any advice or information is welcome.can be a little upsetting when I don't get it right and then need to jet through a traffic circle, but am still in 4th gear only going 15mph and can't shift immediately. I don't have the time or space to tear apart the bike now, but wondering how serious of a problem this is.


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    You need to lubricate the clutch splines. The clutch hub is binding on the input shaft just enough to continue to have the engine apply slight torque to the transmission which then fails to shift.

    Lube the splines. If not, soon wear will destroy the input shaft and clutch hub.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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