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Thread: Pancreatic Cancer; riding after Whipple

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    Pancreatic Cancer; riding after Whipple

    Hello. Just received a diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. This was caught early, and I'm a candidate for what is known as a Whipple surgery. This is a needle in haystack long-shot, but wondering if any BMW rider brothers or sisters on this forum have gone through this surgery, and how it has (or has not) impacted your riding in the long-term (yes, there will be a long-term. I'm not going anywhere).

    Thanks for any insight.


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    Staying positive is key in beating this disease.
    Wishing you all the very best!!!!
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    A brother-in-law had the whipple surgery 5 years ago when he was diagnosed at stage 2. Today he is riding his Soft Tail Classic or Electra Glide on a weekly basis with no side effects from the surgery. He was in his late 50's when the operation took place and the recovery time was 2-4 months if remember correctly. As stated already, your mental outlook plays a large part. Family and support group are important. The side effects of my 6 months of chemo for hodgkins lymphoma, in the mid-80's, was lessened by loving family and friends. Hope this is helpful information. If it's okay, will place you in our church's prayer requests. Take care.

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    Another recent thread on the subject here:

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    Passing best wishes to you for your treatment and complete recovery.
    Larry Gregerson; Bend, OR
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