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Thread: '02 K1200LT Centerstand challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRider View Post
    I guess itís the new business model in action, one that doesnít look down the road any further than the quarterly P&L statement or the annual balance sheet.

    Quarterly reports are the scourge of the modern corporation. When he suggested he might take Tesla private Elon Musk said that doing so would allow him to focus on the long term instead of next quarter's report.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Handles like that came OEM on K75, K100, and K1100 bikes. Then BMW went backwards.
    Well... now that center stands are an option ($$$) why would you put on a handle?

    For the OP - you can always park on some small pieces of wood to elevate the front and rear wheels.
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    Thumbs up k1200 up on center stand

    Quote Originally Posted by offdutyagain View Post
    I'm new to the Forum and after many years of not riding, finally bought my dream bike, a 2002 K1200 LT. I've owned several bikes and my last Beemer was a R1100RT, which I absolutely loved. But...after getting the "new" bike home, I went to place the bike on the centerstand way! I tried muscling it up, tried every trick I could think of and ultimately dumped my "new bike" over on its right side trying to get the thing on the centerstand.

    I'm not a small guy (6'7" and 250) but I've NEVER had so much difficulty with a motorcycle. Sooo my question is, could there be a rear suspension issue that needs to be addressed that is causing the bike to sit lower than normal or is there something else I'm missing?

    I've had both knees replaced and am not as flexible as I once was, am pushing 68 years and don't want to have to sell this thing. I need some advice.
    Well Sir, have a 2000 K1200LTC, putting it up on the center stand is something you have to learn.

    Here is my cell # 6103494168. call me some time an I may be able to help. I also have both knees replace, as well as the left hip and my right shoulder.

    George aka MTHELMET
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    Thanks for all the comments. I've been away from the forum the past couple of weeks and haven't had a chance to check the thread. I'll check all the suggestions, low tire; tire size; 2x6; spotter this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by offdutyagain View Post
    Thanks for all the comments. I've been away from the forum the past couple of weeks and haven't had a chance to check the thread. I'll check all the suggestions, low tire; tire size; 2x6; spotter this week.
    Might want to check that the preload adjuster is working correctly. The oil in the circuit can partial evaporate or leak out. You can refill by backing out the adjuster and filling thru the banjo bolt threads. You will need to press on the internal piston with a blunt tool too be sure it has fully retracted before refilling. Made a huge difference with getting my 00 on itís centerstand.
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    I, too, wonder if your bike is sitting lower than normal. The K1200LT, for all of its weight, is normally not that hard to put on the center stand.
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