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Thread: R69S slinger service western Illinois

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    R69S slinger service western Illinois

    Hello, I have a 68 R69S that has sat for a number of years. I would like the slingers cleaned an am looking for recommendations on something within a days drive.
    Looking at some older threads I saw a reference to Endeavor Cycles by St Louis, but would like to hear more.

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    There aren't really that many people who can do this kind of work. The reference to Endeaver Forever was probably by me...I had Dave Clark do them on my R69S. Vech at Bench Mark Works in Mississippi is not doing whole motorcycle restorations anymore, but if you're willing to ship them to motor, they could do the work. There is also Scottie Sharpe...I believe he is on the west coast, northern area. I'm thinking that Max BMW on the east coast can do it or else farm it out to someone they use.

    There might be other options, but those are the few that crop up in my mind for now. You could look at this list for places near you and check out if they do /2 work, then give them a call. Maybe they would have some recommendations.
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    Thanks fror the link!

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