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Thread: K1300 headlight adjustment fail

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    K1300 headlight adjustment fail

    Greetings everyone!

    From the “I can’t leave well enough alone” department. I was adjusting the height of the headlight and adjusted the hex nut too far out. The reflector sprung upwards and now I light up the night sky and not the road. Has anyone made a similar boneheaded move and if so, how did you fix it. In my limited thinking, it would seem that removing a bulb and pressing the reflector downward while trying to re-engage the hex nut in the threads should theoretically solve the issue however, I am not familiar with the inner engineering of the reflector assembly. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks to all in advance.

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    Yeah, that stuff happens more than admitted. Is it a GT or an S? Xenon or standard H7 bulbs? Shouldn't be a big difference in adjuster if any.
    The Wedge K sub forum may find an answer for you and I'll move it soon to help out if no one chimes in
    The headlight is a modular unit and no breakdown in the parts fiche. Believe it is a ball/socket inside the reflector and you popped that off.Your plan should work, just may have to do more removal to get a clear shot

    I have a hunch you will need to get the unit out to get that part to snap back in place thru the lamp covers
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    Along with what Steve mentioned, good to be careful in touching the bulb......oils in the skin and all.
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    The threads are in a toggle barrel and you will probably need to take off whatever needs to come off to actually get your fingers on the barrel. There is also probably a spring involved that pushes forward away from the knob. Getting the rod through the spring and then properly engaged in the threads is the tricky part.
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