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Thread: ECU and related part numbers and designations?

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    ECU and related part numbers and designations, 2006 K1200S?

    Posting this as a separate question, as this stuff would be the same regardless.

    Possible defective ECU, 2006 K1200S, but lots of people with other types of wedge-Ks might be able to help.

    First, Iím going to check wires to and from, missing prongs, dust in connections, etc.

    BUT IF mine needs replacement, Iíve been told by multiple peeps on the innerwebs that step one is to know if you have a bms-kp, or a bms-k. Well, I have a bms-k, but some dealersí fiche only lists the bms-kp, and those where I do find the bms-k on offer, the description underneath says, ďFor vehicles withPower reduction = No (X703A = No)ď. What does that mean?

    My GS-911 says my part number is: 07712714 , but I find no evidence of such a number on any BMW microfiche, or the parts mfg Bosch or Motronic. Would what they call a part number in fact be a serial number of the part only, apart from the VIN # of the bike itself?

    Can anyone shed any light for me on this letters and numbers game?

    Also, if I get a used replacement, what do I need to do to be sure I have a compatible unit, if anything?

    And last, I know that since a used unit will be connected with a different serial number bike, I need to keep my evidence of purchase, BUT IF I need to replace my ECU, will I have to re-key my bike?
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    Nothing I can find wrong in wiring, prongs or connectors. Unit itself is a BMSK 7 702 076, per the sticker, and I've learned that as of the year 2006 forward, you DO have to have everything re-keyed to your ECU when you change it, thus all the places charging $300-$350 to re-key your bike to your new-to-you $100-$250 ECU you found on ebay.

    I really like to do my own work on my bikes, but I'm leaning toward heading to the dealer in shame on this one.

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    I'll give more detail in the other thread, and I still think this could be a helpful question to answer for many folks, but my issue does not appear to be the ECU, but instead the infamous 2d gear trans dog issue.

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