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    Air Horn Kit

    I just had an air horn kit put on my '02GS Adventure done as a prototype for most oilheads. The sound is awesome, like a big truck, and right now! The kit will be put together by Rivco Products who have made many add ons for the chrome league of Hondas and Harleys. After many years of badgering (no pun intended as we are in Wisconsin) I had the owner, Rich, try a set-up for BMW's. I am more than satisfied in the result.

    With the usual disclaimers I have no financial interest in Rivco but am totally satisfied with their product.

    Rich took pictures and is trying to put together a kit for all oilheads, info can be found at

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    Need help locating an air horn for my 01 GS, nothing specific for it on Rivco website. Any help is much appreciated.

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    They were just putting a kit together using my bike as a prototype, they have the horns pictured in their catalog but I don't know if they are on their website. You can e-mail them or call 1-888-801-8222 and mention where you saw the info.

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    On the Rivco website if you go to BMW and then under R1150r Ithey show the horns ,or a darn near equivalent, although mine were rated at 128-130 dec.

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