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Thread: Transporting K1600 to Vegas

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    Transporting K1600 to Vegas

    I'm planning a trip to Vegas and would like fly out and ship to bike to meet me there. My concern is that I'm on a schedule and any delays will be detrimental to my schedule as I'm going to book most of my lodging through AirBNB. I'm looking for a member that would be willing to allow me to ship the bike (2018 K1600GTL) to their place in the area a day or two ahead of my arrival so it's there when we fly in. I not too concerned about delays on the return back to my home in South Florida. Of course I'd be willing to compensate someone willing to help me out. I'm planning this trip for around May of next year but I'd like to get a feel for what my options would be. If anyone has any suggestions on shipping companies I'd appreciate that as well. Thanks in advance.

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    Check your anonymous book. There are a couple of guys in Vegas that have SS (storage space) and KK (coffee & conversation) checked. I'd call them up and talk about your trip.

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    Yeah, check the Anonymous Book listings for Vegas...I suspect there are a lot of members out there.

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    +1 on the anonymous book.
    There are a couple shippers listed here:

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