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Thread: Swingarm Socket, Special Tool, K1200RS 1998

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    Swingarm Socket, Special Tool, K1200RS 1998

    Hello everyone. I'm about to swap out the gearbox on my 1998 K1200RS (with 50k miles) and I'm trying to collect all the tools and whatnot I'll need. In the videos I see people using a large socket with a hole cut in the side. I think it's for inserting a hex head wrench through the hole so I can hold the inside pin while I torque the larger bolt around it. Can anyone give me more details about that socket?

    - What size is the socket?
    - How should I cut the hole (I have a Dremel and an angle grinder).
    - How large should the hole be?

    I just want to get this tool made now so I don't have to fool with it later. Any other special tools I should be making/collecting? I don't need to do the clutch, just swap the gearbox.


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    The K75 has a similar setup for the swing arm attachment. I ended up buying a 16 point socket at Northern Tool for relatively cheap - under $10 for sure. Though I don't generally like using 16, it opens up the availability to make more adjustments when you torque the outside bolt. I cut about 1/8th of the sides of the socket half way up with a Dremel cutoff wheel. I was quite surprised in how fast I was able to get through the metal. During the actual torquing of the bolt, it helps to have a helper in the garage holding the allen wrench.
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    Does the first thread in the Similar Threads pane below help?
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