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Thread: Tires and average tire life for XR

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    Tires and average tire life for XR

    What tire is working out best for tire longevity and balanced with spirited riding? Note no track day.

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    Battleaxes were on the XR when I bought it, but I wanted a tire that was at least a little capable of doing dirt roads. So I settled on Pirelli Scorpion Trail II and had them mounted at about 8500 miles while in the middle of a lengthy tour in the Midwest.

    My buddy put Michelin Road 5’s on his. We were comparing then just last week and both look equally aggressive enough for dirt. We both like our tires. I think both are equally competent.

    Michelin Pilot Road 3’s netted me about 18,000 miles on my old R1150RT. I will forever gauge my tires against those.

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    I have used many different tire brands on my XR. Pirelli/Bridgestone/Metzler/Dunlop/Conti...all spirited/aggressive mountain road riding, no track days! I usually average between 2500 - 3K miles on a set, best mileage was 3700 miles on Conti Sport Attack 3. I recently purchased set of Bridgestone Battlax T31 but have not installed yet, hoping to get more mileage than the SA3 and still have great handling/grip...will update when I can offer feedback!
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