Having been riding C650GTs for about 4 years now, starting withe a 2013 model and having gone through two other units, I replaced my 2016 (itself purchased on trade-in of the 2014 that I put 55K miles on) that was totaled in a crash (nobody hurt) with a 2018 model (apparently BMW never imported the 2017 year to the states).

Anyway, I've always kept meticulous records of gas mileage, and I have found that this 2018 model is consistently getting 10% or more better mileage than the earlier models did. Same driving habits, and no change in my location for the past couple of years - it seems BMW changed something but I'm not sure what.

My guess is they altered the power curve of the motor to improve fuel consumption, as I do sense that the acceleration is not quite as snapy and for the life of me I can't get it over 102MPH (I used to hit 110MPH on the earlier models). Not that those features mean much - I like this setup better...if I keep it to 65MPH or lower I'm getting 59-60MPG.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this? Or for that matter if anyone else is on the forum...