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Thread: Looking for a tall seat for K1600GTL, what's the best?

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    Looking for a tall seat for K1600GTL, what's the best?

    I just bought a 2014 K1600 GTL and I'm looking for a taller seat. What is the best fit for this bike?

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    Welcome to the forum! I looked into one of the threads in the Similar Threads pane below. One of them mentioned something that flips up, etc, although they didn't like it so much.

    But in the thread was the mention of short/tall seats. Could this be an answer? Here's the RealOEM listing:
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    Go with a custom seat, you’ll appreciate it for many miles
    In my case Rocky Mayer (BMS) saddles has made a couple for me
    Russell Day Long gets great reviews from those that have them
    I would avoid any seat maker that won’t let you do a ride-in, just saying


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