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Thread: Two weeks for a fuel strip?

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    Two weeks for a fuel strip?

    '08 R1200R 3rd fuel strip.

    My local $tealer$hip says it would take about two weeks to "diagnose" and perform a warranty fuel strip replacement.


    Can I make an appointment.


    Can I come by and have the computer confirm the obvious and come back when the part comes in?


    You must leave the bike with us while we wait for the part.

    Should be about two weeks.


    Can you just read the code and give me the part and I install it.


    You realize other shops are doing these while you wait?

    Last time I let them work on my bike they took about three weeks to do a couple days work. I actually went to the shop to lay hands on my bike because they were stalling so blatantly I thought maybe they broke something or wrecked it.
    Successful multiline dealership who recently acquired the BMW line - figured a learning curve.
    Absolutely loved the previous shop/mechanics - brought me a battery at 4:30pm on a Friday to rescue me.

    This is the reason I wrench my own stuff. But warranty work is another story.

    Rant off.

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    Sounds like a good reason to contact Corporate in Jersey and also the MOA Liaison...

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    Didnt have any better luck with the car $stealer$hip.

    Honestly, with youtube and the wealth of knowledge on forums like this, you can diagnose and likely fix anything.

    Me to the young preppy service guy (who has never wrenched anything) " I need you to replace the ignition switch"

    Deer in the headlights gaze back at me.

    Well, . . . we will see whats wrong.

    OK. But if I were you I would look at the ignition switch.

    Four days later I get my car back with a nifty software update.

    The next day it wont start.

    Back to the $tealer$hip.

    Would you please look at the ignition switch?

    Four days later I get my car back (not sure what they did this time)

    The next day it wont start.

    Back to the $tealer$hip.

    At least they gave me a loaner this time.

    "Well, we had to take an electronic "snapshot" of the cars systems and send it to the engineers in Spartanburg to solve this one"


    What did they come up with?

    You need an ignition switch.

    My wife thinks its me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bhmav8r View Post

    My wife thinks its me.

    Having once been through a similar experience, I feel your pain.

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    Ridiculous. Have had 5 done in 4 years by the same dealer. Always in stock and always while I wait for other services as well.

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    As long as you have receipt from last fuel strip install any dealer can honor the warranty replacement. Most dealers will also have part in stock.
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    You would think.

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