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Thread: New guy in Maine just acquired a 1976 R75/6

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    New guy in Maine just acquired a 1976 R75/6

    Hello everyone my name is Steve.

    A former employer of mine (35 years ago) bought this bike when new. He became a paraplegic after a fall on a job site back in 89' and the bike has sat ever since in a unheated garage.

    This bike has a special place for me as it was the first bike I ever had a ride on when I worked for him as a 14 year old, freshman in high school, bike shop apprentice.

    After this I went on to own many street bikes, mostly metric sport tourers, and shared this passion with my wife spending many thousands of hours cruising New England.

    So my friend Scott has given this bike to me to get it going again after a long slumber. It will be special day when I can take him for a spin on the old girl.

    As you can see I have started by taking all the engine covers off to clean out the mouse infestation! The second picture is one he gave me from back in 82'.

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    Welcome to the forum! Sounds like a very worthwhile project and will be a joy for your former employer to see going down the road again.
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