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Thread: Service and Repair Manual for G650GS - where do I get one?

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    Service and Repair Manual for G650GS - where do I get one?

    I'm tired of paying through the nose to have regularly scheduled service done on my 2011 G650GS at my local BMW shop. I figure I should at least be able to do such things as change the oil & oil filter, change the air filter, & check & adjust valve clearances as needed, & perhaps a few other things such as changing the fork oil, & flushing the brakes, myself. But the big sticking point for me has been in getting a service & repair manual. The manual provided with the bike is devoid of any serious information about servicing the bike. I ordered a manual on DVD from my BMW dealer, but it will not work on my Mac computer. There are no printed versions available, far as I know. Has anyone out there managed to find a way to get a usable, complete service/repair manual for the G bikes, without having to buy a computer with a Microsoft-based operating system?
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