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Thread: 86 K75C steps to lower seat height

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    86 K75C steps to lower seat height

    I have a K that I want to modify a little to allow my 5f3 daughter to be able to ride.

    What steps and hardware should I look for to lower the seat and how low can I get this down to? I currently have a corbin dual tour on the bike but I also have the original saddle

    thanks all
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    Rather than leave this post tacked onto a year old thread that was really about a different topic, I moved it to its own thread where it will get more responce.

    To your question; unless she is an experienced rider, a K75 might not be the best bike for a 5'3" female. It is top heavy at slow speeds (parking lots and u-turns) and the frame is very wide at the nose of the seat making it hard for a narrow person to put their legs straight down.

    Do a quick test; take the seat completely off. Have her sit on the bike and see how much further the bike would have to be lowered to make her comfortable. The factory low seat, or any seat for that matter, would be taller and wider than sitting on the frame rails. The low seat is a help for those that the standard seat is just a little to high, but back during the days of the Early Ks, BMW did not believe that short people should be allowed to ride their bikes.

    It can be done, but the amount of time, money, and fabrication makes it prohibitive. My wife is 5'4". I spent a year modifying the suspension to lower the bike 2" and modifying the frame to allow a $600 custom made seat that narrowed and lowered the seat another 2". Then she bought a pair of $400 Frey Daytona boots that raised her up an inch. The bike worked well for her except in parking lots. The bike weighed 5 times what she did, so leaning a little too far at too slow a speed led to several drops. After several years, she tired of that, so she now has a factory low seat, low suspension F700GS. 60lbs lighter, much lower CG, and narrower seat nose.

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    Okay thanks Lee

    Thanks for the sage advice, Lee

    I heed your words. We've been considering the F650CS for her also... it's belt drive and gets her into more of a upright position

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