Like everyone, I've had opportunity to ride in high nineties+ for extended time, so decided to do some testing.

1) I find I'm very comfortable with the venting system in low 80's but anything higher was just hot air blowing on me.

2) I saw ldcomfort directions for cooling technique by wetting sleeves, zipping up jacket and opening cuffs. I used to bicycle a lot and had some sleeves that you put on for cooler temps and could take off and stow away. I thought it would be great if they worked the same way and then I'd have something small and non permanent. I wet the sleeves and road for a while. I couldn't get a lot of airflow to go up sleeve. I felt like wind cuffs were blocking (working) even when unzipped. If I used one hand to force cuff open, it felt like arm was in ice box, so I know the science works, but couldn't get enough airflow up the sleeve without manual intervention. (I'll come back to this later)

3). I have BMW cooling vest, I think it's the gel style. I had only used once before on vented jacket, and didn't last very long at all. I decided to experiment with it on the Enduroguard by different vent configurations. What I discovered is riding in high humidity and limited airflow turned the vest into hot water bottle on my body over time. For the vest with Enduroguard it was best to open all the vents take max airflow to get the evaporation and just plan to resoak vest at shorter intervals.

4). In the vest experiments, I noticed decent airflow in sleeves even when I didn't have sleeve vents open when I had all the body vents open. I started to think maybe my first sleeve experiment failed because my jacked was so well sealed that back pressure wouldn't let air up the sleeve. Sure enough, I tried experiment again. Opened cuffs and lower sleeve vents above the wrist and then just opened back vents a couple of inches. I successfully got cool ventilation. Very noticeable on the arms. Harder to tell on body, but I had no sweat so assuming body of jacket was getting some cool air. The wet sleeves stayed damp and provided cooling for about 50 minutes. After 50, sleeves were still damp but didn't seem I was cooling as much. Maybe I was just getting used to it. All in all, did the job. Take off the sleeves when remove jacket and enjoy weather with short sleeve comfort.

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